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500 Days Of Summer

Gazillion Movies Review : Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) copies greeting cards for his job and is a hopeless romantic. He is deeply affected when he is shift aside by his girlfriend Summer (Zooey Deschanel). He goes back and forth between different periods in the 500 days which they were together to find out where it went wrong.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Chloe Moretz
Clark Gregg
Geoffrey Arend
Ian Reed Kesler
Jean-Paul Vignon
Jennifer Hetrick
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Matthew Gray Gubler
Zooey Deschanel
Alexei Lantsoff
Brandon Waters
chris Connell
Catherine Campion
Charles Walker
Cody Matthew Blymire
Darryl Alan Reed
Darryl Sivad
George Romero
Gregory Thompson
Jacob Stroop
Jason Robinson
Jenn Gotzon
John Mackey
Joshua Collins
Kenneth Hughes
Kevin Leung
Kevin Michael
Lexy Hulme
Mackenzie Jamieson
Maile Flanagan
Michael Bodie
Michelle Mason
Minka Kelly
Natalie Boren
Nicole Vicius
Olivia Howard Bagg
Patricia Belcher
Rachel Boston
Sid Wilner
Tim Lacatena
Valente Rodriguez
Yvette Nicole Brown
Marc Webb
Alan Edward Bell
Mychael Danna
Rob Simonsen
Brad Haehnel
Jen Monnar
Patrick Spain
Kevin Teasley
Andrea von Foerster
Laura Webb
Jessica Tuchinsky
Mark Waters
Mason Novick
Scott Hyman
Steven J. Wolfe
Veronica Brooks
Michael H. Weber
Scott Neustadter
500 Days Of Summer

Buy 500 Days Of Summer at
95 min.
Chloe Moretz. Clark Gregg. Geoffrey Arend. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Matthew Gray Gubler. Zooey Deschanel

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