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Wyatt Earp

Gazillion Movies Review : For the young Wyatt Earp (Kevin Costner), family, justice and honesty are the three most important things in life. That he has learned from his father. Wyatt marries Urilla (Annabeth Gish), his youthful love, and goes and study laws. Later he leaves to Wichita and afterwards to Dodge City. There he gets the sheriff star pinned up. Purified by his adventures and determined to give his life an aim, Wyatt Earp turns out to be a fair but strong hand of the law in Dodge City. But after a time he becomes restless again and he, with his brothers and their families, exchanges Dodge City for Tombstone...

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Wyatt Earp

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Adam Baldwin
Alison Elliott
Annabeth Gish
Betty Buckley
Bill Pullman
Brett Cullen
Catherine O'Hara
David Andrews
Dennis Quaid
Gene Hackman
Isabella Rossellini
Jack Kehler
James Caviezel
Jeff Fahey
Joanna Going
JoBeth Williams
Kevin Costner
Linden Ashby
Mackenzie Astin
Mare Winningham
Mark Harmon
Martin Kove
Michael Madsen
Michael McGrady
Téa Leoni
Todd Allen
Tom Sizemore
Adam Taylor
Albert Trujillo
Ben Zeller
Benny Manning
Billy Streater
Bob 'Dutch' Holland
Boots Southerland
Clark Sanchez
Dale West
Darwin Mitchell
David Doty
David L. Stone
Dick Beach
Dillinger Steele
Ed Beimfohr
Ellen Blake
Gabriel Folse
Gary Dueer
Geo Cook
Giorgio E. Tripoli
Glen Burns
Greg Goossen
Gregory Avellone
Hanley Smith
Heath Kizzier
Hugh Ross
Ian Bohen
Jake Walker
James Gammon
John Dennis Johnston
John Doe
John Furlong
John Lawlor
Jon Kasdan
Karen Grassle
Karen Schwartz
Kathleen O'Hara
Kirk Fox
Kris Kamm
Larry Sims
Lewis Smith
Luce Rains
Marlene D. Williams
Mary Jo Niedzielski
Matt Beck
Matt Langseth
Matt O'Toole
Michael Huddleston
Monty Stuart
Nicholas Benseman
Norman Howell
Oliver Hendrickson
Owen Roizman
Paul Ukena
Randle Mell
Rex Linn
Rockne Tarkington
Rusty Hendrickson
Sarge McGraw
Scott Paul
Scott Rasmussen
Scotty Augare
Steph Benseman
Steve Cormier
Steve Kniesel
Steve Lindsay
Steven Gregory Tyler
Zack McGillis
Lawrence Kasdan
Carol Littleton
James Newton Howard
Kevin Costner
Dan Gordon
Michael Grillo
Lawrence Kasdan
Charles Okun
Jon Slan
Jim Wilson
Dan Gordon
Lawrence Kasdan
Wyatt Earp

191 min.
Adam Baldwin. Alison Elliott. Annabeth Gish. Betty Buckley Bill Pullman. Brett Cullen

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