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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Gazillion Movies Review : After a prison sentence of 20 years, Gordon Gekko is released. In spite of his attempts to warn Wall Street for an upcoming economical disaster, nobody believes him because of his decreased status in the financial world. For this reason he decides to concentrate on his personal life. He wants to improve his disintegrated relation with his daughter Winnie, but because of his long absence and the fact that Winnie blames him for the suicide of her brother Rudy, she doesn’t want to see him. In the meantime the mentor of Jacob, a young market maker, dies and Jacob suspects the government securities manager Bretton James of the murder of his mentor. Jacob, who also is the fiancé of Winnie Gekko want his revenge and count on the help of Gordon. Gordon decides to help Jacob, hoping this will bring him closer to his daughter.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Carey Mulligan
Charlie Sheen
Frank Langella
Josh Brolin
Madison Mason
Michael Douglas
Shia LaBeouf
Susan Sarandon
Vanessa Ferlito
Alexander Wraith
Chuck Pfeiffer
John Bedford Lloyd
Juan Pablo Veizaga
Julianne Michelle
Keith Middlebrook
Michelle DiBenedetti
Natalie Morales
Nouriel Roubini
Oliver Stone
David Brenner
Julie Monroe

Alessandro Camon
Celia D. Costas
Edward R. Pressman
Eric Kopeloff
Michael Douglas
Oliver Stone
Allan Loeb
Oliver Stone
Stanley Weiser
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

133 min.
Carey Mulligan. Charlie Sheen. Frank Langella. Josh Brolin. Madison Mason. Michael Douglas

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