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Wag The Dog

Gazillion Movies Review : Less than two weeks before the elections the president of the United States is accused of sexual misbehavior. The white house summons the aid of consultant Brean (Robert De Niro), a brilliant intriguer and image-builder. Brean thinks up the ultimate scenario: he creates an even larger and better story and put on an imminent war between America and Albania, the fictitious enemy of service. To make this improbable story more credible, Brean goes to the flamboyant Hollywood-producer Motts (Dustin Hoffman) and his entourage to win some advises. Together they orchestrate a never seen global conflict.

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Wag The Dog

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Andrea Martin
Anne Heche
David Koechner
Denis Leary
Dustin Hoffman
Geoffrey Blake
George Gaynes
Harland Williams
Jack Shearer
James Belushi
Jay Leno
John Cho
John Michael Higgins
Kirsten Dunst
Marguerite Moreau
Phil Morris
Robert De Niro
Suzie Plakson
Tom Murray
William H. Macy
Willie Nelson
Woody Harrelson
Alberto Vasquez
Allen Carter
Anthony Holiday
Arlene Afshangol
Bernard Hocke
Bill Handel
Billy Trudel
Brad Kalas
Brant Cotton
Carmen Carter
Chris Ellis
Christine Devine
Cliff B. Howard
Derek Morgan
Drena De Niro
Ed Morgan
Edrie Warner
Emmett Miller
Furley Lumpkin
Garry R. Roleder
Gina Menza
Giselle Fernandez
Hope Garber
J. Patrick McCormack
Jack Esformes
James Gilstrap
Jason Cottle
Jenna Byrne
Jennifer Gross
Jennifer Manley
Jerry Levine
John Franklin
Julia Waters
Karen Geraghty
Kenneth Kern
Kevin Furlong
Lance Eaton
Lu Elrod
Maggie Mellin
Mark Vieha
Maurice Woods
Maxine Waters Willard
Melissa Gardner
Merle Haggard
Michael Belson
Michael Reid Davis
Michael Villani
Michelle Levinson
Nicole Avant
Nikki Crawford
Oren Waters
Ralph Tabakin
Richard Lawson
Richard Saxton
Rick Scarry
Roebuck 'Pops' Staples
Ron McCoy
Sean Fanton
Sean Masterson
Shirley Prestia
Stephanie Kemp
Suzanne Cryer
Terry Anzur
Tom Bähler
Warren Wilson
Wendy Lou Halvorsen
Barry Levinson
Stu Linder
Tom Bähler
Mark Knopfler
Michael De Luca
Robert De Niro
Barry Levinson
Eric McLeod
Claire Rudnick Polstein
Jane Rosenthal
Ezra Swerdlow
Larry Beinhart
Hilary Henkin
David Mamet
Wag The Dog

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97 min.
Andrea Martin. Anne Heche. David Koechner. Denis Leary Dustin Hoffman. Geoffrey Blake

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