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The Untouchables

Gazillion Movies Review : 1930s, Chicago is a violent, corrupt city during the prohibition. Chicago is also the city of Al Capone (Robert De Niro), the legendary gangster- swindler. Nobody has succeeded to restrict his absolute power in the organized crime until now. Until the Treasure Department decides to have this tough job being done by a somewhat modest man, Eliott Ness (Kevin Costner). Ness only has one thing in mind: succeeds in his task. But to survive in Chicago he needs allies, on who he can count on at all circumstances. He gets the support of Malone (Sean Connery), an unrelenting noisy Irish police officer, who wants to teach him the hard law of Chicago. His other partners, he recruits within the Treasure Department himself. Stone (Andy Garcia), a turbulent guy and an excellent rifleman, and Wallace (Charles Martin Smith), a humoristic, but resolute accountant.

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The Untouchables

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Andy Garcia
Billy Drago
Charles Martin Smith
Jack Kehoe
Kevin Costner
Mike Bacarella
Patricia Clarkson
Richard Bradford
Robert De Niro
Sean Connery
Aditra Kohl
Anthony Mockus Sr.
Basil Reale
Bob Martana
Brad Sullivan
Charles Keller Watson
Chelcie Ross
Clem Caserta
Colleen Bade
Del Close
Don Harvey
Eddie Minasian
George S. Spataro
Greg Noonan
James Guthrie
Jennifer Anglin
Joe Greco
John Bracci
John J. Walsh
Joseph Scianablo
Kaitlin Montgomery
Kevin Michael Doyle
Larry Brandenburg
Larry Viverito Sr.
Louie Lanciloti
Melody Rae
Michael P. Byrne
Pat Billingsley
Peter Aylward
Robert Miranda
Robert Swan
Sam Smiley
Sean Grennan
Steven Goldstein
Tim Gamble
Valentino Cimo
Vince Viverito
Vito D'Ambrosio
Will Zahrn
Brian De Palma
Gerald B. Greenberg
Bill Pankow
Ennio Morricone
Duke Ellington
Ruggero Leoncavallo
Raymond Hartwick
Art Linson
Oscar Fraley
Eliot Ness
David Mamet
The Untouchables

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119 min.
Andy Garcia. Billy Drago. Charles Martin Smith. Kevin Costner Mike Bacarella. Patricia Clarkson

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