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The Switch (2010)

Gazillion Movies Review : Best Friends Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) both are confirmed bachelors. Kassie one day decides that she has waited long enough for the right man to start a family and starts looking for a suitable sperm donor, to the dissatisfaction of the light neurotic Wally. After finding the perfect candidate in the very attractive Roland (Patrick Wilson), Kassie organizes a party in honor of the actual insemination. Here, an unplanned last-minute change takes place, which only comes to light 7 years later when Wally and the cute but slightly neurotic son of Kassie meet...

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Caroline Dhavernas
Jason Bateman
Jeff Goldblum
Jennifer Aniston
Juliette Lewis
Patrick Wilson
Bryce Robinson
Edward James Hyland
Erica Thomas
Kelli Barrett
Rebecca Naomi Jones
Scott Elrod
Stephen Hadeed Jr.
Thomas Robinson
Todd Louiso
Josh Gordon
Will Speck
John Axelrad
Alex Wurman
Albert Berger
Allan Loeb
Brian Bell
Jennifer Aniston
Kelli Konop
Kristin Hahn
Mary Lee
Nathan Kahane
Ron Yerxa
Steven Pearl
Allan Loeb
Jeffrey Eugenides
The Switch (2010)

Not Specified
Caroline Dhavernas. Jeff Goldblum. Jennifer Aniston. Juliette Lewis. Patrick Wilson.

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