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The Statement

Gazillion Movies Review : An older French man, Pierre Bossard (Michael Caine), was a Nazi-sympathizer during W.O.II and responsible for the death of seven Jews. He now lives a quiet, anonymous live on the French countryside. A shift in powers of the French government leads to the fact that a research is established again (whereas the 'old guard' kept a hand above his head). Pierre now becomes the target of the police, killers and a famous Nazi-tracker.

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The Statement

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Alan Bates
Charlotte Rampling
Ciarán Hinds
Colin Salmon
Frank Finlay
George Williams
James Greene
Jeremy Northam
John Neville
Joseph Long
Malcolm Sinclair
Matt Craven
Michael Caine
Noam Jenkins
Peter Wight
Tilda Swinton
William Hutt
Alain Morel
Annette Milsom
Arnaud Rosenblatt
Benjamin Euvrard
Catherine Van Hecke
Christian Erickson
Christophe Deslandes
Daniel Lundh
David de Keyser
Dominic Gould
Edward Hamilton-Clark
Edward Petherbridge
Frédéric Pellegeay
Guy Germody
Helen Later
Irene Palko
Jean-Claude Subiro
Jean-Jacques Boullay
Jérémie Covillault
John Boswall
Jorg Schnass
Joseph Malerba
Jürgen Zwingel
Kostia Gouzic
Michael Berreby
Peter Hudson
Renaud Calvet
Rolland Safrana
Shelly De Vito
Simon Gregor
Thierry Obaďka
Wolfgang Pissors
Norman Jewison
Andrew S. Eisen
Stephen E. Rivkin
Normand Corbeil
Paul Intson
Yannick Bernard
Michael Cowan
Sandra Cunningham
Norman Jewison
Robert Lantos
Mark Musselman
Jason Piette
Julia Rosenberg
Robyn Slovo
David M. Thompson
Ronald Harwood
Brian Moore
The Statement

Buy The Statement at
120 min.
Alan Bates. Charlotte Rampling. Ciarán Hinds. Colin Salmon Frank Finlay. James Greene

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