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The Relic

Gazillion Movies Review : A researcher of a Chicago museum returns from South-America with some boxes with found objects. The police discover a number of terrible killings on the ship with which the boxes were shipped to America, followed by a murder at the museum itself. Lt. Vincent D'Agosta (Tom Sizemore) is put on the case. He must find a huge animal which finds itself in the museum.

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Credits (with biography & filmography)
Audra Lindley
Clayton Rohner
Constance Towers
David Proval
Gene Davis
James Whitmore
John DiSanti
John Kapelos
Linda Hunt
Mike Bacarella
Penelope Ann Miller
Tom Sizemore
Aaron Lustig
Amanda Ingber
Brian Steele
Candy Coburn
Chi Moui Lo
Craig Hosking
Daniel Guevara
Dave Graubart
David Hollander
Diane Robin
Dina Blair
Dirk Vahle
Don Harvey
Don MacLellan
Eddie Jemison
Elwood Forbes
Francis X. McCarthy
Gary A. Hecker
Gerardo Salinas
Henry Rey
Jophery C. Brown
Joseph Carroll Thomas
Katharine Mitchell
Ken Magee
Kent George
Kurt Naebig
LaDonna Tittle
Lewis Van Bergen
Lynn A. Henderson
Marc P. Shelton
Mark Lake
Martin S. Tellez
Matthew Daniel Mosoes
Montrose Hughes
Ned Schmidtke
Ralph Seymour
Ramon Ramierez
Robert Lesser
Ron Cummins
Ronald Joshua Scott
Santos Morales
Thomas Ryan
Tico Wells
Vincent Hammond
Peter Hyams
Steven Kemper
John Debney
Gale Anne Hurd
Sam Mercer
Gary Levinsohn
Mark Gordon
Amanda Silver
Amy Holden Jones
Douglas Preston
John Raffo
Lincoln Child
Rick Jaffa
The Relic

Buy The Relic at
110 min.
Audra Lindley. Clayton Rohner. Constance Towers. David Proval James Whitmore. John Kapelos

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