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The Quick And The Dead

Gazillion Movies Review : Ellen enters a small dull prairie town for a certain reason. When she visits the local bar, a gunfight is organized by Herod, the boss of the town. Ellen enters the game, because she still has to settle a score with someone.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Fay Masterson
Gary Sinise
Gene Hackman
Keith David
Kevin Conway
Lance Henriksen
Leonardo DiCaprio
Mark Boone Junior
Mike Stone
Olivia Burnette
Pat Hingle
Roberts Blossom
Russell Crowe
Scott Spiegel
Sharon Stone
Sven-Ole Thorsen
Timothy Patrick Quill
Tobin Bell
Woody Strode
Arturo Gastelum
Butch Molina
David Cornell
Greg Goossen
Jerry Swindall
John Cameron
Jonothon Gill
Josef Rainer
Lennie Loftin
Matthew Gold
Mick Garris
Oliver Dear
Raynor Scheine
Scott Ryder
Solomon Abrams
Stacy Linn Ramsower
Tony Lee Boggs
Sam Raimi
Pietro Scalia
Alan Silvestri
Allen Shapiro
Joshua Donen
Patrick Markey
Chuck Binder
Robert G. Tapert
Sharon Stone
Toby Jaffe
Simon Moore
The Quick And The Dead

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107 min.
Fay Masterson. Gary Sinise. Gene Hackman. Kevin Conway. Lance Henriksen. Leonardo DiCaprio

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