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The Ghost Writer

Gazillion Movies Review : When the successful British ghostwriter, 'The Ghost' (Ewan McGregor) is engaged to write the memoires of Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan), the former prime minister of Great Britain, this seems to be the chance of his life. At least, that’s what his agent is telling him. However, during his work, 'The Ghost' comes across a lot of mysteries and because all this knowledge absolutely is not allowed to see daylight, a number of people are to eliminate the writer at all costs.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Eli Wallach
Ewan McGregor
Glenn Conroy
James Belushi
Jon Bernthal
Kate Copeland
Kim Cattrall
Olivia Williams
Pierce Brosnan
Robert Pugh
Timothy Hutton
Tom Wilkinson
Angelique Fernandez
Anne Wittman
Daphne Alexander
Eben Young
James McNeill
Jaymes Butler
Marianne Graffam
Martin Hentschel
Michael S. Ruscheinsky
Nyasha Hatendi
Roman Polanski
Hervé de Luze
Alexandre Desplat
Sylvain Morizet
Alain Sarde
Charlie Woebcken
Christoph Fisser
Henning Molfenter
Oliver Lüer
Robert Benmussa
Timothy Burrill
Robert Harris
Roman Polanski
The Ghost Writer

Buy The Ghost Writer at
128 min.
Eli Wallach. Ewan McGregor. James Belushi. Jon Bernthal. Kim Cattrall. Olivia Williams

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