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The Football Factory

Gazillion Movies Review : Tommy Johnson is a young Londoner who thinks he leads a hopeless existence. The only way to feel well is to drink, use drugs, pick up girls with his buddies, some fanatic Chelsea supporters, and most especially: to fight with hooligans of other clubs. He lives exclusively for the weekend and everything is about the fighting with the several sworn enemies. But a number of unexpected events and a couple unpleasant nightmares and visions make the fun go away. The atmosphere becomes more grimly and he gets more and more the impression that something terrible is about to happen.

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The Football Factory

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Danny Dyer
Dudley Sutton
Frank Harper
Jamie Foreman
Neil Maskell
Roland Manookian
Tamer Hassan
Adam Bolton
Alfie Southion
Alison Egan
Andrew Routledge
Anil Lal
Avtar Kaul
Calum McNab
Christopher Ravenscroft
Claire McNamara
Dan Mead
Daniel Naylor
Danny Rees
Darren Wilson
Diana Van Proosdy
Gregory Donaldson
Harry Lynch
Jack Mason
Jayne Levy
Joe Lineham
Joe McCorry
John Junkin
Kara Tointon
Lin Blakley
Louise Liddiard
Luing Andrews
Luke Healy
Michele Hallak
Paul Pariser
Philip Dunbar
Reggie Bisset
Ricci McLeod
Ricky Eastop
Ronnie Large
Simon Wier
Sonny France
Sophie Linfield
Terry McKenna
Tessa Worsley
Tom Young
Tony Denham
Zoe Knight
Nick Love
Stuart Gazzard
Ivor Guest
Jack Armstrong
Robert Blagojevic
Frank Harper
Allan Niblo
Stephen North
Rupert Preston
James Richardson
John King
Nick Love
The Football Factory

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91 min.
Danny Dyer. Dudley Sutton. Frank Harper. Jamie Foreman Roland Manookian. Tamer Hassan

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