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The Flock

Gazillion Movies Review : The violent FBI-agent Erroll (Richard Gere) gets a protégé called Allison (Claire Danes), who he must teach the tricks of the trade. In the meantime, he is in search for the missing girl who is an essential piece of the puzzle in the case of a disturbed rapist and killer.

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The Flock

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Avril Lavigne
Claire Danes
Genia Michaela
KaDee Strickland
Matt Schulze
Richard Gere
Bailey Ann Scheller
Carmen Serano
Chaz Grundy
Cyd Schulte
Dwayne L. Barnes
Dylan Kenin
Dylan Scheller
Ed Ackerman
Erik Davies
Frank Bond
J. Nathan Simmons
Johnnie Hector
Josh Berry
Kristina Sisco
Matt Sanford
Paul Scallan
Ric Maddox
Robert Nathan Gleason
Roberto Enrique Pineda
Robyn Reede
Russell Sams
Tom B. Gleason
Twink Caplan
Victoria Gallegos
Z. Ray Wakeman
Wai Keung Lau
Tracy Adams
Martin Hunter
Guy Farley
Karinne Behr
Luc Campeau
Jenette Kahn
Wai Keung Lau
Andrew Loo
Philippe Martinez
Larry Rapaport
Adam Richman
Elie Samaha
Peter Schwerin
Hans Bauer
Craig Mitchell
The Flock

91 min.
Avril Lavigne. Claire Danes. Genia Michaela. KaDee Strickland Matt Schulze. Richard Gere

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