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Reindeer Games

Gazillion Movies Review : Rudy (Ben Affleck) and Nick (James Frain) are sharing a cell in prison. Nick receives and writes letters to Ashley (Charlize Theron), the girl of his dreams, whom he learned to known by means of the correspondences. When Nick dies and Rudy is released, he pretends to be Nick against Ashley. She doesn’t know about this and together they have a great time. But Gabriel (Gary Sinise), the crazy brother of Ashley, stands their luck in the way. Gabriel and his gang of rough criminals think that Rudy has inside information about the casino he once had worked. While Rudy tries to lead a new life, he gets entangled in a web of seductions and surprises which could cost him his head, unless he can avoid them skilfully.

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Reindeer Games

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Ashton Kutcher
Ben Affleck
Charlize Theron
Danny Trejo
Dennis Farina
Donal Logue
Gary Sinise
Isaac Hayes
James Frain
Ron Jeremy
Alonso Oyarzun
Ana Paula Piedade
Anna Hagan
Blair Slater
Clarence Williams III
Dana Stubblefield
David Jacox
Dean Wray
Don S. Williams
Douglas Arthurs
Enuka Okuma
Eva De Viveiros
Franklin Dennis Jones
Gordon Tootoosis
Hrothgar Mathews
Jacob Rupp
James Hutson
Jenafor Ryane
Jimmy Herman
Joanna Piros
John B. Destry
Ken Camroux
Lee Jay Bamberry
Lonny Chapman
Marcus Hondro
Mark Acheson
Michael Puttonen
Michael Sunczyk
Paula Shaw
Robyn Driscoll
Rod Wolfe
Ron Perkins
Ron Sauvé
Sam Bob
Terry O'Sullivan
Tom Heaton
Wendy Noel
John Frankenheimer
Antony Gibbs
Michael Kahn
Alan Silvestri
Cary Granat
Casey Grant
Mark Indig
Marty Katz
Chris Moore
Andrew Rona
James Sbardellati
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Ehren Kruger
Reindeer Games

104 min.
Ashton Kutcher. Ben Affleck. Charlize Theron. Danny Trejo Dennis Farina. Donal Logue

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