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Nowhere Boy

Gazillion Movies Review : Nowhere Boy tells the story the lonely teens of John Lennon (Aaron Johnson), who seeks escape in music, art and his friendship with Paul McCartney (Thomas Sangster). John Lennon grew up in Liverpool as a lonely teenager living at his aunt. The difficult childhood of John begins to change when he starts knowing women, and gets the chance to play in a pop group, The Beatles.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Aaron Johnson
Anne-Marie Duff
Chris Coghill
David Morrissey
David Threlfall
Jack McElhone
James Johnson
John Collins
Kristin Scott Thomas
Richard Syms
Simon Lowe
Thomas Sangster
Abby Greenhalgh
Alex Ambrose
Andrew Buchan
Angela Walsh
Angelica Jopling
Baillie Walsh
Ben Smith
Colin Tierney
Dan Armour
Daniel Ross
Frazer Bird
James Jack Bentham
Josh Bolt
Kerrie Hayes
Lizzie Hopley
Nigel Travis
Ophelia Lovibond
Paul Ritter
Richard Tate
Sam Bell
Sam Wilmott
Sam Taylor-Wood
Lisa Gunning
Alison Goldfrapp
Will Gregory
Christopher Moll
Douglas Rae
James Saynor
Jaynie Miller
Jon Diamond
Kevin Loader
Mark Woolley
Matt Delargy
Paul Ritchie
Robert Bernstein
Tessa Ross
Tim Haslam
Julia Baird
Matt Greenhalgh
Nowhere Boy

98 min.
Aaron Johnson. Anne-Marie Duff. Chris Coghill. David Morrissey. Kristin Scott Thomas. Richard Syms

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