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My Soul To Take

Gazillion Movies Review : A group of youngsters are confronted with a serial killer who died 15 years ago and that precisely on the very day they were born. The serial killer re-appears fifteen years after his supposed death to kill the seven children.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Alberto Vazquez
Dennis Boutsikaris
Denzel Whitaker
Max Thieriot
Shareeka Epps
Alexandra Wilson
Anthony Del Negro
Christopher Place
Courtney Stow
Danai Gurira
David Marmanillo
Elena Hurst
Emily Meade
Eric Zuckerman
Frank Grillo
Hannah Hodson
Jeremy Chu
Jessica Hecht
John Magaro
Kaitlyn Stow
Karen Summerton
Lou Sumrall
Nick Lashaway
Nicole Patrick
Paulina Olszynski
Raúl Esparza
Ryan F. Bulson
Shannon Maree Walsh
Trevor Harker
Trevor St. John
Zena Grey
Wes Craven
Peter McNulty
Todd E. Miller
Marco Beltrami
Andrew Rona
Anthony Katagas
Carly Feingold
Iya Labunka
Ryan Kavanaugh
Tucker Tooley
Wes Craven
Wes Craven
My Soul To Take

Not Specified
Dennis Boutsikaris. Max Thieriot.

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