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My Name Is Khan

Gazillion Movies Review : Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) is a Moslem from Mumbai. He suffers from the Asperger syndrome. He marries the single Hindu mother Mandira (Kajol) in San Francisco. After the attack of 9/11 Rizwan was arrested by the authorities because of suspicious behavior. This came however because of his disorder. During his arrest he met therapist Radha, who helped him go about with the situation in which he found himself. Now Rizwan start a journey through the United States, to meet president Obama. He hopes to be able to purify his name

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Arjun Mathur
Jimmy Shergill
Katie A. Keane
Parvin Dabas
Reed Rudy
Shahrukh Khan
Sheetal Menon
Steffany Huckaby
Adrian Kali Turner
Aleeza Solowitz
Alexi Torres
Allen Pontes
Anthony Santana
Arif Zakaria
Benny Nieves
Big Spence
Brett Glazer
Brittany Disston
Carl Marino
Christine Quynh Nguyen
Christopher B. Duncan
Connie Chung Kim
Daniel Lee
Dominic Renda
Douglas Tait
Ethynn Tanner Cerney
George Q. Nguyen
Harmony Blossom
Ilona Gugan
James D. Weston II
Jeff Solowitz
Jeremy Kilpatrick
Joel Schmidt
Julien Zuccolin
Kevin Oestenstad
Kristen Marie Holly
Kyle Hamon
Laurence Brown
Len Anderson IV
Leslie Thurston
Mark S. Porro
Marquis Scott
Mel Fair
Michael William Arnold
Mike Howard
Mike Stahl
Monique Soltani
Montgomery Paulsen
Navneet Nishan
Nicolas Pajon
Patrick Weil
Rachael Ferris
Raul Bustamante
Retson Ross
Ron Provencal
Shane Harper
Sheila Cavalette
Sonya Jehan
Tanay Chheda
Tracy Weisert
Willoughby CharlesJenett
Zarina Wahab
Karan Johar


Karan Johar
Manoj Mittra
Parth Arora
Prashant Shah
Sumit Chawla
Niranjan Iyengar
Shibani Bathija
My Name Is Khan

Buy My Name Is Khan at
128 min.
Kajol. Reed Rudy. Shahrukh Khan.

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