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My Father The Hero

Gazillion Movies Review : André is a nice man, but spent too little time with his daughter Nicole unfortunately. To make it up he takes her along on his holiday to the Bahamas. Bitterer Nicole shames herself for being on vacation with her father and tells to everyone that André is her beloved. André himself doesn’t anything about it and is looked at strangely by everyone. Moreover Nicole has an eye on a younger friend.

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My Father The Hero

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Ann Hearn
Dalton James
Gérard Depardieu
Katherine Heigl
Lauren Hutton
Stephen Tobolowsky
Anthony Delaney
Betty Miner
Bonnie Byfield
Colyn Grant
Dave Corey
Dorian Jones
Eileen Santillan
Faith Prince
Felicity Ingraham
Frank Renzulli
Fred Ferguson
Herschel Small
Isiah Taylor
Jeffrey Chea
Jennifer Roberts
Juan Santillán
Judy Clayton
Malou Corrigan
Manny Jacobs
Michael Robinson
Michelle Riu
Nehemiah Hield
Noa Meldy
Robert Miner
Roberto Escobar
Robin Bolter
Robyn Peterson
Sid Raymond
Stacey Williamson
Stephen Burrows
Steve Wise
Tom Bahr
Yusef Bulos
Steve Miner
Marshall Harvey
Michael Muhlfriedel
David Newman
Jacques Bar
Edward S. Feldman
Jean-Louis Livi
Ted Swanson
Gérard Lauzier
Francis Veber
Charlie Peters
My Father The Hero

Buy My Father The Hero at
90 min.
Ann Hearn. Gérard Depardieu. Katherine Heigl. Lauren Hutton Stephen Tobolowsky.

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