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Life As We Know It

Gazillion Movies Review : When Holly and Ericís (Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel) best friends die in a road accident, their life is upside down. They must not only handle the loss, but also take care of the adopted child of their best friends.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Bill Brochtrup
Christina Hendricks
DeRay Davis
Hayes MacArthur
Jody Thompson
Josh Duhamel
Josh Lucas
Katherine Heigl
Majandra Delfino
Markus Flanagan
Reggie Lee
Alexis Clagett
Andrew Daly
Andy Buckley
Antwan Mills
Britt Flatmo
Brooke Clagett
Brooke Josephson
Brooke Liddell
Brynn Clagett
Chan Ta Rivers
Danielle L. Grant
Eddie Frierson
Eric Phillips
Horace Toney
Jason MacDonald
Jessica St. Clair
Johanna Jowett
Katie Kneeland
Kiley Liddell
Kumail Nanjiani
L. Warren Young
Melissa McCarthy
Melissa Ponzio
Millie Fairchild
Patricia French
Rob Huebel
Rob Nagle
Ron Clinton Smith
Sarah Burns
Shayne Kohout
Steve Nash
Tara Ochs
Wilbur Fitzgerald
Will Sasso
Greg Berlanti
Jim Page
Blake Neely
Alexander F. Young
Alicia Gelernt
Barry Josephson
Brad Kessell
Denise Di Novi
Joe Hartwick Jr.
Katherine Heigl
Nancy Heigl
Norm Waitt
Paul Brooks
Scott Niemeyer
Ian Deitchman
Kristin Rusk Robinson
Life As We Know It

Not Specified
DeRay Davis. Jody Thompson. Josh Duhamel. Josh Lucas. Katherine Heigl. Reggie Lee

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