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Letters To God

Gazillion Movies Review : This film has been inspired on a real happened story about a young lad and his fight against cancer. He knows to touch his friends and the people in his surroundings with the letters he writes to God. With that he gives hope and inspiration to everyone he gets in contact with. Also to the new mailman, who realizes thanks to the letters that he has to improve his life and his relation with his son.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Bailee Madison
Brett Rice
Erin Bethea
Jeffrey Johnson
Justin Smith
Lyanna Tumaneng
Michael Bolten
Ralph Waite
Robyn Lively
Sam Smith
Tanner Maguire
Tom Nowicki
Allison Schnacky
Amanda Best
Andrea Conte
Ashley Lonardo
Ashley Milchman
Avery Myers
Avery Sommers
Bayley Ellenburg
Brad Benedict
Brendan Doughtie
Brooke Milchman
C.J. Amari
Carol Saragusa
Christopher Schmidt
Ciara Gari
Cris Cunningham
Danny Rawley
Dennis Neal
Doris Steadman
Emma Myers
Erin Akers
Hollie Anderson
Isabel Myers
Jeff Ellenburg
Jennie Parrish
Jenny Knipe
Jessica Lonardo
Josué Gutierrez
Karley Scott Collins
Katie Prestwood
L. Derek Leonidoff
Lee Dawson
Lisa Curtis
Luke Shrader
Maree Cheatham
Matt Swanson
McKay Ball
Michael Manuel Peña
Nathaniel A. Pena
Pam Landwirth
Patrick Doughtie
Rachel Kathryn Marks
Rob Whitehurst
Salem Murphy
Savanah Godwin
Tiffany Dion
Tonia Kerr
Tyler Cravens
Whitney Goin
Wintley Phipps
David Nixon
Patrick Doughtie
Patrick Tyler
Colin O'Malley
Andre Dugger
Art D'Alessandro
David Nixon
Kim Dawson
Paul Sirmons
Rob Micai
Sandra Thrift
Tim Grosshans
Tom Swanson
Wayne Morris
Art D'Alessandro
Cullen Douglas
Patrick Doughtie
Sandra Thrift
Letters To God

Buy Letters To God at
110 min.
Bailee Madison. Brett Rice. Ralph Waite. Tom Nowicki.

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