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Gazillion Movies Review : Cal Chetley (Devon Graye) is a very smart 15-year-old boy. He is teased often, because he is small and not of the "blue-collar class”, as his fellow students. Mike (John Cena), the brother of Cal and once school wrestling champion, left Cal and his mother behind after a tragically car accident killed their father and Mike blames himself for happening it. Cal decides to enter the school wrestling championship and hopes his brother will help him. But more importantly, he hopes to reunite his family.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Danny Glover
Devon Graye
Elton LeBlanc
John Cena
Patricia Clarkson
Aaron Sauer
Ace LeBleu
Amber Gaiennie
Andrew Sensenig
Angelena Swords
Beau Brasso
Chris Whetstone
Christopher Alan Weaver
Christopher Severio
Courtney J. Clark
Cy Fahrenholtz
Cynthia LeBlanc
Daniel Vincent
Deneen Tyler
Elizabeth Tranchant
Gino Galento
J.D. Evermore
Jacob Bianchini
John Posey
Kareem J. Grimes
Kimberly Lynn Campbell
Kurt W. Howard
Lara Grice
Lynette Zumo
Madeleine Martin
Marc Lagattuta
Mark Pinero
Melissa Johnson
Melody Noel
Patrick Cox
Paul Bealer
Raymond D. Sweet
Ritchie Montgomery
Sean Michael Cunningham
Stephen Occhipinti
Teo Olivares
Timothy A. Vasquez
Timothy Hinrichs
Tyler Posey
Yvonne Misiak
Mel Damski

James Raymond
David Calloway
Michael Pavone
Nancy Hirami
Steve Barnett
John Posey

Not Specified
Danny Glover. John Cena. Patricia Clarkson.

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