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Leaving (Partir)

Gazillion Movies Review : Together with her husband (Yvan Attal), a successful surgeon, Suzanne (Kristin Scott Thomas) spends her days in harmony and luxury. Still, she misses her former job as a physiotherapist. After the necessary persuasion, he helps her to start up a practice again. Her life is thrown upside down with the arrival of handyman Ivan handyman (Sergi Lopez), who does some construction work for them. An instinctive love imposes itself. She’s that much attracted to him that Suzanne leaves her perfectly planned life behind and follows him on a passionate adventure. Her husband refuses to reconcile to the new situation. Being frustrated, he decides to pull out all the stops to get his wife back, who he considers as his property.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Bernard Blancan
Daisy Broom
Gérard Lartigau
Kristin Scott Thomas
Philippe Laudenbach
Sergi López
Yvan Attal
Aladin Reibel
Alexandre Vidal
Assun Planas
Berta Esquirol
David Faure
Geneviève Casile
Hélène Babu
Jonathan Cohen
Mama Prassinos
Michèle Ernou
Philippe Beglia
Sali Cervià
Catherine Corsini
Simon Jacquet

Fabienne Vonier
Michel Seydoux
Stéphane Parthenay
Catherine Corsini
Gaëlle Macé
Leaving (Partir)

85 min.
Kristin Scott Thomas. Sergi López. Yvan Attal.

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