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Knight And Day

Gazillion Movies Review : "Knight and Day" concerns the lonely woman June (Cameron Diaz), whose seemingly innocent blind date turns her life upside down. The blind date, a superspy called Milner (Tom Cruise) takes her on a violent journey around the world in order to protect a battery which holds the key to an infinite source of power.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Cameron Diaz
Celia Weston
Jordi Mollà
Maggie Grace
Marc Blucas
Nicholas Art
Paul Dano
Peter Sarsgaard
Tom Cruise
Viola Davis
Adam Gregor
Brian Dykstra
Brian Tarantina
Christian Finnegan
Dale Dye
Dan Marshall
Eric Robert Bradshaw Bennett
Erica McDermott
Falk Hentschel
Gal Gadot
Gerry Carbajal
Helen L. Welsh
Jack O'Connell
Jerrell Lee
Katelyn Cahill
King Orba
Lennie Loftin
Matthew Lawler
Mitch E. Bowan
Natasha Paczkowski
Nilaja Sun
Rich Craig
Ronn Surels
Sara Underwood
Scott Wahle
Taylor Treadwell
Tommy Nohilly
Trevor Loomis
James Mangold
Quincy Z. Gunderson
Michael McCusker
John Powell
Arnon Milchan
Cathy Konrad
E. Bennett Walsh
Joe Roth
José Luis Escolar
Marsha L. Swinton
Steve Pink
Todd Garner
Patrick O'Neill
Knight And Day

109 min.
Cameron Diaz. Celia Weston. Jordi Mollà. Maggie Grace. Marc Blucas. Paul Dano

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