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Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

Gazillion Movies Review : Joan Rivers began her career as a standup comedian in the early 60's at a time that female comedians were rare. After several years of working in nightclubs for a distant audience, she asked to perform in the Tonight Show of Johnny Carson in 1965 after which she became one of the most successful comedians in the country. Since then she has performed in several talk shows, wrote some successful books, directed a movie, designed her own jewelry line and kept a busy schedule of personal appearances, determined to stay in focus in the fickle world of show business. Moviemakers Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg followed Rivers in a typical turbulent year of her life. They offer a look behind the smile of a woman when she struggles to stay famous, writes new material, launches a one-woman show in the United Kingdom, participates in a reality TV show and thinks over her career in show biz at the age of 75.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Don Rickles
Emily Kosloski
Joan Rivers
Kathy Griffin
Melissa Rivers
Phyllis Diller
Annie Duke
Donald Trump
Florian Klein
Larry A. Thompson
Mark Anderson Phillips
Ricki Stern
Anne Sundberg
Penelope Falk
Paul Brill
Anne Sundberg
Ricki Stern
Seth Keal

Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

84 min.
Don Rickles. Joan Rivers. Phyllis Diller.

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