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It Runs In The Family

Gazillion Movies Review : The Grombergs are a successful family… except when it comes up to communicating with each other. In spite of the fact that the three generations of the family each lead their own life they find the time to meet each other, in an attempt to get the family band tighter.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Adrian Martinez
Audra McDonald
Bernadette Peters
Cameron Douglas
Diana Douglas
Geoffrey Arend
Josh Pais
Kelly Overton
Kirk Douglas
Michael Douglas
Michelle Monaghan
Robert Montano
Rory Culkin
Sarita Choudhury
Adam Grupper
Adam Mucci
Alvin Crawford
Annie Golden
Antonio D. Charity
Bob Kaliban
Brenda Denmark
Cameron Boyd
Carmen López
David Greenspan
Demetrius Kiprakis
Derek Kelly
Erik-Anders Nilsson
Ian Boyd
Irene Gorovaia
Jerome Preston Bates
Joel Rooks
Jonathan Mondel
Keith Nobbs
Linda Johnson
Lisa Ann Frisone
Louie Torrellas
Marc Damon Johnson
Mark Hammer
Mark Ledbetter
Ray DeMattis
Roy Milton Davis
Sara Meyer
Shantell Herndon
Sho Xiao Ma
Stephen Singer
Wynter Kullman
Fred Schepisi
Kate Williams
Moose Charlap
Paul Grabowsky
Charles F. Sweeney Jr.
Michael Douglas
Fred Schepisi
Jesse Wigutow
Joel Douglas
Kerry Orent
Marcy Drogin
Jesse Wigutow
It Runs In The Family

Buy It Runs In The Family at
109 min.
Adrian Martinez. Audra McDonald. Bernadette Peters. Cameron Douglas. Diana Douglas. Geoffrey Arend

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