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I Want Your Money

Gazillion Movies Review : Two versions of the American dream are in sharp contrast. One about the money you earn and is given to you. The other version is believed that a Washington elite knows best how to allocate wealth. The first one is the traditional American dream, which is used millions of times by American generations. It is used to improve fate and even to have dream impossible dreams and build above your means. The other states that there is no end at the good decisions of the government, this by spending other people's money on a growing list of programs.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Andrew Breitbart
Bill Farmer
Chris Cox
Jane Edith Wilson
Jim Meskimen
Ken Blackwell
Mike Huckabee
Steve Forbes
Alison Fraser
Allen Icet
Amish Mehta
Chris Edwards
Cindy Robinson
David McIntosh
Ed Meese
George Runner
Jay Lamont
John Stossel
Kate Obenshain
Lee Edwards
Lila Rose
Michael Reagan
Mick Wingert
Newt Gingrich
Pete Wilson
Ray Griggs
Rob Schaaf
Star Parker
Stephen Moore
Thaddeus McCotter
Tim Russell
Tom McClintock
William Voegeli
Ray Griggs

Don Harper
Doug Stebleton
Michael Kim Binder
Ray Griggs
Randall Norman Desoto
Ray Griggs
I Want Your Money

Not Specified
Bill Farmer. Jim Meskimen.

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