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Histoire D'o

Gazillion Movies Review : The beautiful O (Corinne Clery) is taken along by her friend Rene (Udo Kier) to a bizarre country house, where she is initiated in the world of bondage and sexual perversion. There he will give up O to pay off his personal debts to his stepbrother, Sir Stephen (Anthony Steel)...

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Credits (with biography & filmography)
Anthony Steel
Corinne Clery
Henri Piégay
Jean Gaven
Udo Kier
Alain Jarry
Alain Noury
Albane Navizet
Bernard Jeantet
Caroline Baudry
Christiane Minazzoli
Eva Carson
Florence Cayrol
Gabriel Briand
Gabriel Cattand
Jean-François Mathieu
Jean-Pierre Andréani
Judith Novak
Laure Moutoussamy
Li Sellgren
Martine Kelly
Michèle Montel
Nadine Perles
Pin Pin
Roger Trapp
Stéphane Macha
Sylvie Olivier
Vibeke Knudsen
Vladimir Brajovic
Just Jaeckin
Francine Pierre
Pierre Bachelet
Éric Rochat
Gérard Lorin
Claude Giroux
Dominique Aury
Sébastien Japrisot
Histoire D'o

Buy Histoire D'o at
97 min.
Anthony Steel. Corinne Clery. Henri Piégay. Jean Gaven Udo Kier.

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