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Furry Vengeance

Gazillion Movies Review : Tammy Sanders (Shields) moves together with her husband, broker Dan Sanders (Fraser), from Chicago to Oregon. Dan wants to throw up a row of expensive apartments over there. He gets a lot of money for it and he is intended to bring down a local forest without problems. The residents of the forest are less enthusiastic. Acorns are shot with a catapult and bees are going on a suicide mission when they drive their sting in Danís staff. Anyhow, someone will loose in this battle of people against nature.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Brendan Fraser
Brooke Shields
Dick Van Dyke
Jim Norton
Ken Jeong
Alexander Chance
Aliya Victoriya Druth
Angela Kinsey
Erin Howell
Eugene Cordero
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Matt Prokop
P.H. O'Brien
Preston Hatch
Rachel Dolan
Ricky Garcia
Rob Riggle
Samantha Bee
Skyler Samuels
Toby Huss
Roger Kumble
Lawrence Jordan

Brendan Fraser
Ira Shuman
Keith Goldberg
Molly O'Keefe
Robert Simonds
Josh Gilbert
Michael Carnes
Furry Vengeance

Buy Furry Vengeance at
92 min.
Brendan Fraser. Brooke Shields. Dick Van Dyke.

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