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Gazillion Movies Review : Freakonomics, based on the bestselling novel, tries to analyze complex issues with economical theories. Six documentary makers are assigned to a chapter in which they treat a real issue. They cover the similarities between Sumo wrestlers and teachers in Chicago, the link between your name and financial gain, what makes you a really good parent? Also the relationship between the legalization of abortion and the falling crime rate in the 90s, etc. All cases are handled in Freakonomics.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Adesuwa Addy Iyare
Alisha Nagarsheth
Alyssa Wheeldon
Amancaya Aguilar
Andrew Greiche
Carl Alleyne
Greg Crowe
Hassan Brown
Jade Viggiano
Jalani McNair
James Leibow
Kelli Chaves
Kellie Gerardi
Michael MacAllister
Sammuel Soifer
Zoe Sloane
Heidi Ewing
Alex Gibney
Seth Gordon
Rachel Grady
Eugene Jarecki
Morgan Spurlock
Douglas Blush
Tova Goodman
Sloane Klevin
Nelson Ryland
Michael Taylor
Paul Brill
Michael Furjanic
Peter Nashel
Michael Wandmacher
Alex Gibney
Alexandra Johnes
Chad Troutwine
Chris Romano
Christina Gonzalez
Damon Martin
Dan O'Meara
Hilary Carr
Jay Rifkin
Jeremy Chilnick
Joanna Chejade-Bloom
Mary Rohlich
Michael Roban
Michiko Toyoma
Peter Bull
Peter Cerbin
Rafi Chaudry
Seth Gordon
Sloane Klevin
Alex Gibney
Eugene Jarecki
Heidi Ewing
Jeremy Chilnick
Morgan Spurlock
Peter Bull
Rachel Grady
Seth Gordon
Stephen Dubner
Steven Levitt

93 min.

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