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Factory Girl

Gazillion Movies Review : New York, 1965. Edie Sedgwick has everything she wants: she is rich, ambitious and beautiful. Her live changes completely when Edie meets the artist Andy Warhol in his famous club 'The Loft'. From that moment on, she is always seen at his side and she follows him in everything he does or does everything he asks. Warhol scarcely answers her love and drives her in the arms of the aggressive musician Danny Quinn.

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Factory Girl

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Colleen Camp
Daniel Newman
Edward Herrmann
Guy Pearce
Hayden Christensen
Illeana Douglas
Jimmy Fallon
Joel Michaely
Mary-Kate Olsen
Mena Suvari
Patrick Wilson
Sally Kirkland
Shawn Hatosy
Sienna Miller
Alexi Wasser
Andrei Constantinescu
Armin Amiri
Beth Grant
Brandon Olive
Brendan Faddis
Brent Weisner
Breon Pugh
Brian Bell
Camille Solari
Captain Mauzner
Carrie Collins
Deneen Tyler
Don Novello
Finch Nissen
George Hickenlooper
George Landrum
Grant James
Jack Huston
Jeff Galpin
John F. Daniel
John T. Billingsley
Johnny Whitworth
Kent Jude Bernard
Kevin Lyons
Laura M. Beeman
Madeleine Poirrier
Marty McGuffie II
Meredith Ostrom
Michael Hughes
Mike Coe
Peter Barnes
Richard Dupont
Robert Dupont
Samantha Maloney
Stan McDonald
Stephen Cox
Steven Miramontz
T.J. Mazzotta
Tara Summers
Tarajia Morrell
Thomas Faustin
Tommy Perna
Trace Cheramie
Trisha Meaney
Tyler Linden
Vivek Sharma
Will Carter
George Hickenlooper
Dana E. Glauberman

Kimberly C. Anderson
Morris Bart
Aaron Richard Golub
Alissa M. Kantrow
Boris Malden
Simon Monjack
Malcolm Petal
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Holly Wiersma
Aaron Richard Golub
Captain Mauzner
Simon Monjack
Factory Girl

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90 min.
Colleen Camp. Daniel Newman. Edward Herrmann. Guy Pearce Hayden Christensen. Illeana Douglas

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