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Down Terrace

Gazillion Movies Review : Down Terrace tells the story of father and son, Bill (Robert Hill) and Karl (Robin Hill), two small criminals. They just released from prison, where they were locked up for an unspecified crime. They are convinced that they were betrayed. Once they returned to their hometown Brighton home making up plans to take revenge. That seems to be easier than said, especially when Karl’s girlfriend suddenly appears shows up at his door being pregnant, and points him to be the father of the child. And also in the family it is not all going well.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Julia Deakin
Robert Hill
Robin Hill
David Schaal
Gareth Tunley
Janet Hill
Kali Peacock
Kerry Peacock
Kitty Blue
Luke Hartney
Mark Kempner
Michael Smiley
Paul George
Simon Smith
Simon Walker
Tony Way
Ben Wheatley
Robin Hill
Ben Wheatley
Jim Williams
Andrew Starke
Ben Wheatley
Robin Hill
Ben Wheatley
Robin Hill
Down Terrace

89 min.

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