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Date Night

Gazillion Movies Review : The weekly trip of the happily married couple Clara and Phil Foster (Tina Fey & Steve Carell), this time turns out entirely different. Because some criminals confuse Clara and Phil with another couple, they find themselves in trouble and end up in a lot of dangerous, tense and bizarre situations.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
James Franco
Kristen Wiig
Leighton Meester
Mark Ruffalo
Mark Wahlberg
Mila Kunis
Ray Liotta
Steve Carell
Taraji P. Henson
Tina Fey
William Fichtner
Aristedes Philip DuVal
Aura Lee Augustine
Cheryl Cosenza
Gal Gadot
Hal Devi
Jimmi Simpson
Joe Starr
Jonathan Morgan Heit
Michelle Galdenzi
Nick Kroll
Olivia Munn
Samantha Bee
Savannah Paige Rae
Shawn Levy
Dean Zimmerman
Christophe Beck
Billy Rosenberg
Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr.
Josh McLaglen
Shawn Levy
Tom McNulty
Josh Klausner
Date Night

Buy Date Night at
88 min.
Common. James Franco. Kristen Wiig. Mark Ruffalo. Mark Wahlberg. Mila Kunis

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