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Blue Steel

Gazillion Movies Review : When Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis) gets her diploma at the New York police academy, a dream came true. Everything seems beautiful: the uniform, the badge, the gun... But then everything goes wrong. On her first nocturnal patrol, she prevents a robbery in a hypermarket and shoots down an armed robber. Suddenly the weapon of the bandit appears to be untraceable and the witnesses do not want to confirm the statement of Megan about his weapon possession. Megan is suspended because of killing an unarmed suspect. The city in the meantime has to settle up with a range of brutal, shameless murders. The department homicide with inspector Nick Mann in charge is at its wit’s. Nevertheless, between the seemingly incoherent murders there seems to be a lead.

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Blue Steel

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Clancy Brown
Elizabeth Peña
Jamie Lee Curtis
Kevin Dunn
Louise Fletcher
Matt Craven
Philip Bosco
Richard Jenkins
Ron Silver
Tom Sizemore
Al Cerullo
Andrew Hubatsek
Becky Ann Baker
Bellina Logan
Carol Schneider
Chris Walker
David Ilku
Doug Barron
Faith Geer
Frank Girardeau
Harley Flannagan
Heidi Kempf
James Drescher
James Shannon
Joe Jamrog
John Capodice
L. Peter Callender
Larry Silvestri
Lauren Tom
Markus Flannagan
Mary Mara
Michael Philip Del Rio
Mike Hodge
Mike Starr
Ralph Nieves
Reginald Wells
Sam Coppola
Skipp Lynch
Thomas Dorff
Toni Darling
William Marshall
William Wise
Kathryn Bigelow
Lee Percy
Brad Fiedel
Michael Flynn
Lawrence Kasanoff
Edward R. Pressman
Michael Rauch
Diane Schneier
Oliver Stone
Kathryn Bigelow
Eric Red
Blue Steel

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102 min.
Clancy Brown. Elizabeth Peña. Jamie Lee Curtis. Kevin Dunn Louise Fletcher. Matt Craven

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