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Barry Munday

Gazillion Movies Review : Barry Munday (Luke Wilson) is known as a lady-killer and a womanizer. The wildest parties are not too crazy for him. Nevertheless Barry still looks surprised when one morning he wakes up without his genitals. Just when Barry has given up hope ever having children, he receives a message of a woman who reports given birth to his child. All this when Barry cannot remember the woman at all, not to mention to have shared the bed with her.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Billy Dee Williams
ChloŽ Sevigny
Christopher McDonald
Colin Hanks
Cybill Shepherd
Emily Mortimer
Emily Procter
Jean Smart
Judy Greer
Kyle Gass
Lily Tomlin
Luke Wilson
Mae Whitman
Malcolm McDowell
Michael Durrell
Missi Pyle
Patrick Wilson
Razaaq Adoti
Shea Whigham
Andrew Magarian
Ashley Guerrero
Barret Swatek
Barry Habib
Becca Sweitzer
Bruna Rubio
Charlotte Roller
Chris D'Arienzo
Cynthia Adkisson
Diana Terranova
Eurydice Davis
Geoffrey Gould
James Kim
Jeff Sanders
Jenica Bergere
Jennifer M. Coll
Jillian Schmitz
Kirk Ward
Kristina Sefeldt
Marnie Alexenburg
Matt Winston
Michael Rivkin
Monica Allgeier
Sam Pancake
Tori White
Trieu Tran
Willam Belli
William Stanford Davis
Yvonne Huff
Chris D'Arienzo
Joan Sobel
Jude Christodal
Carl Levin
Casey W. Engelhardt
Eric Kopeloff
Jeff Davis
Marcos Siega
Matt Weaver
Mickey Barold
Robert Ortiz
Scott Prisand
Stone Douglass
Chris D'Arienzo
Frank Turner Hollon
Barry Munday

94 min.

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