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Addicted To Love

Gazillion Movies Review : When Linda leaves Sam for the Frenchman Anton, he is devastated. Thatís why he does what every dumped man would do; rent the apartment opposite his ex to spy on Linda and Anton. The thing he didnít counted on is the fact that the ex of Anton comes and joins him. Together they try to break up the new couple.

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Daniel Dae Kim
Kelly Preston
Larry Pine
Lee Wilkof
Matthew Broderick
Maureen Stapleton
Meg Ryan
Tchťky Karyo
Bill Timoney
Conrad McLaren
Debbon Ayer
Dominick Dunne
Helmar Augustus Cooper
Jacqueline Heinze
Maurizio Benazzo
Mike Hodge
Nesbitt Blaisdell
Paolo Calamari
Remak Ramsay
Shoshanna Gleich
Steve McAuliff
Susan Forristal
Tom Forrest
William Kux
Griffin Dunne
Elizabeth Kling
Rachel Portman
Bob Weinstein
Caroline Baron
Harvey Weinstein
Jeffrey Silver
Johanna Demetrakas
Robert F. Newmyer
Susan E. Novick
Robert Gordon
Addicted To Love

Buy Addicted To Love at
100 min.
Daniel Dae Kim. Kelly Preston. Larry Pine. Lee Wilkof. Matthew Broderick. Maureen Stapleton

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