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Herbie: Fully Loaded

Gazillion Movies Review : Maggie Peyton is the new owner of the Volkswagen Beatle Herbie, number 53, the little car with its own will. When Maggie discovers that this isnít just another car like the others, she decides to cram him for the NASCAR-races.

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Herbie: Fully Loaded

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Ben Garant
Breckin Meyer
Cheryl Hines
Justin Long
Lindsay Lohan
Matt Dillon
Michael Keaton
Scoot McNairy
Thomas Lennon
Allen Bestwick
Amy Hill
Andy Hillenburg
Benny Parsons
Bob Dillner
Bruno Gioiello
Caroline Limata
Dale Jarrett
E.E. Bell
Edmund L. Shaff
Jeff Gordon
Jeremy Roberts
Jill Ritchie
Jim Cody Williams
Jimmi Simpson
Jimmie Johnson
Mario Larraza
Mark Deklin
Mary Bonner Baker
Patrick Cranshaw
Peter Pasco
Rocky Soto
Scott Martin Gershin
Stuart Scott
Tim Sitarz
Tony Stewart
Angela Robinson
Wendy Greene Bricmont
Edward A. Warschilka
The Blacksmoke Organisation
Mark Mothersbaugh
Michael Fottrell
Charles Hirschhorn
Robert Simonds
Lisa Stewart
Tracey Trench
Gordon Buford
Thomas Lennon
Ben Garant
Alfred Gough
Miles Millar
Mark Perez
Herbie: Fully Loaded

Buy Herbie: Fully Loaded at
101 min.
Ben Garant. Breckin Meyer. Cheryl Hines. Justin Long Lindsay Lohan. Matt Dillon

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