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Bulletproof Monk

Gazillion Movies Review : The movie tells the story of a mysterious immortal Tibetan kung-fu master. He has traveled around the world the last 60 years to protect an ancient document, which is the key to an unlimited power. The monk however has to find a new protector and decide to train the young Kar. Together they try to protect the world by keeping the document out of the hands of a bad kung-fu master.

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Bulletproof Monk

Credits (with biography & filmography)
Albert Chung
Jaime King
Karel Roden
Roger Yuan
Seann William Scott
Victoria Smurfit
Yun-Fat Chow
Alan Tang
Allen Keng
Bayo Akinfemi
Billy Oliver
Blair Johannes
Brian Jagersky
Bryan Thomas
Chad Camilleri
Chris Collins
Christopher D. Amos
Christopher McGuire
Danny Lima
Fabian Choe
Geoff Williams
Hadley Sandiford
Henry Korhonen
Isys McKoy
James Acheson
James Kim
Joel Harris
John MacDonald
Jun Wei Feng
Karis Han
Kevin Rushton
Kishaya Dudley
Lloyd Adams
Marcus J. Pirae
Matt Birman
Mauricio Rodas
Michael Yanover
Mike Chow
Mike Gow
Murray R. Croft
Nathan Lam
Neil Davison
Patrick Mark
Paul Fauteux
Peter Snider
Peter Wong
Phil Chiu
Raven Dauda
Regan Moore
Rob Archer
Robert Racki
Russell Yuen
Sean Bell
Steve Lucescu
Suresh John
Tommy Chang
Yisheng Lin
Paul Hunter
Robert K. Lambert
Dylan Berry
Eric Serra
Terence Chang
Gotham Chopra
Alan Glazer
Robert K. Lambert
Caroline Macaulay
Brent O'Connor
Mark Paniccia
Charles Roven
Douglas Segal
Kelley Smith-Wait
John Woo
Michael Yanover
Ethan Reiff
Cyrus Voris
Bulletproof Monk

Buy Bulletproof Monk at
104 min.
Albert Chung. Jaime King. Karel Roden. Mako Roger Yuan. Seann William Scott

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