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Movie Plot :
Hereafter tells the story of three people who are confronted with death in a different way. George (Matt Damon) is an average American who has a special relationship with the afterlife. At the other side of the world, Marie (Cecile De France) has a shocking near-death experience. And then there's Marcus (Frankie McLaren / George McLaren), a London student who lost the person closest to him and is desperately looking for answers. All three are willing to find the truth and when their paths cross, they all will be changed by what they believe to find in the afterlife.

Genre :
Drama - Fantasy

Starring : Bryce Dallas Howard , Cécile De France , Céline Sallette , Charlie Creed-Miles , Derek Jacobi , George Costigan , Jay Mohr , Jean-Yves Berteloot , Jenifer Lewis , Joe Bellan , John Nielsen , Lyndsey Marshal , Marthe Keller , Matt Damon , Mylène Jampanoï , Niamh Cusack , Richard Kind , Steve Schirripa , Stéphane Freiss , Thierry Neuvic

Bryce Dallas Howard. Cécile De France. Derek Jacobi. George Costigan Jay Mohr. Jenifer Lewis Lyndsey Marshal
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No Trailer Available




Movie Plot :
Couple Paul (Dermot Mulroney) and Diane (Diane Kruger) Stanton have a sick daughter Chloe (Mia Stallard), having a lung disease. Paul is a lawyer and wants their daughter to be helped before it’s too late. The donor waiting list seems to last forever and the couple heard from a doctor that a friend of them was on the waiting list for seven years, but suddenly disappeared from it. They discover that he has had a transplant in Mexico. Paul goes to the corrupt Mexico to find the doctor who can make this possible. Meanwhile, their daughter Chloe is going downhill. Paul does whatever is possible to find an illegal donor for their daughter. Will they succeed in saving their daughter?

Genre :
Drama - Thriller

Starring : David Selby , Dermot Mulroney , Diane Kruger , Jordi Mollà , Kisha Sierra , Rosanna Arquette , Sam Shepard , Vincent Perez , Kristian Ferrer

Kisha Sierra.
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No Trailer Available

Paranormal Activity 2


Paranormal Activity 2 FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot :
Once again restless spirits are captured by the camera in this sequel of Paranormal Activity. Katie's young family this time is a victim of this evil entity. The cameras let us see what horrible things actually are happening in the nursery, when everyone is sleeping. How will she endure this scary time?

Genre :

Starring : Katie Featherston

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No Trailer Available


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