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Zita Johann

Zita Johann was an actress. She was born on 14/07/1904. She was born in Timisoara - Timis in the country Romania. She died on 20/09/1993. Zita Johann had the Romanian nationality. She was married with , John Houseman (1929 - 1933).

Zita Johann

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The Sin Of Nora Moran

Also starring : Zita Johann, Paul Cavanagh, Alan Dinehart, ...


Tiger Shark

Also starring : Edward G. Robinson, Richard Arlen, Zita Johann, ...


The Mummy (1932)
Buy The Mummy (1932) at

The Mummy (1932) FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : In 1921, an expedition discovers the mummy of the old Egyptian prince Imhotep (Boris Karloff), who was doomed and burned, in Egypt. In the tomb also the so-called “Scroll of Toth” is found, which can arise the death. One evening a member of the expedition reads the text on the Scroll loudly and gets crazy afterwards, realizing that he has brought Imhotep back to life. Ten years later, the mummy, dressed as a modern Egyptian, tries to find back his old beloved, who has reincarnated as a beautiful young woman (Zita Johann).

Genre : Drama - Fantasy - Horror - Romance

Also starring : Arthur Byron, Boris Karloff, David Manners, James Crane, Leonard Mudie, Noble Johnson, Zita Johann, Bramwell Fletcher, Edward Van Sloan, Kathryn Byron, ...


The Struggle

Also starring : Hal Skelly, Zita Johann, Charlotte Wynters, ...

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