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Zia Mohyeddin

Zia Mohyeddin is an actor. He is born on 20/06/1933. He was born in Lyallpur in the country Pakistan. Zia Mohyeddin has the Pakistani nationality. He was married with , Naheed Siddiqui (1973 - ?).

Zia Mohyeddin

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They Came From Beyond Space

Also starring : Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayne, Zia Mohyeddin, ...


Lawrence Of Arabia
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Lawrence Of Arabia FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : The movie starts in the United Kingdom in 1935. Old-Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) dies after an accident with his motorcycle at young age. At his memorial service every guest has a totally different opinion about the deceased; one finds him common placed, the other one praise him. Then the movie flashes far back in time to: 1916; Great Britain and France fought against Germany in a fight known as World War I. Turkey, which dominated the Middle East for centuries, joins the German side. To the British strategy it seems to be vital to unite the Arabic tribes under Turkish government into one big Arabic army to beat the Turkish Empire. A British lieutenant stationed in Egypt was destined to travel the dessert and to lead the Arabic Revolt. His name was T.E. Lawrence…

Genre : Adventure - Biography - Drama - War

Also starring : Alec Guinness, Anthony Quayle, Anthony Quinn, Arthur Kennedy, Claude Rains, Jack Hawkins, José Ferrer, Omar Sharif, Peter O'Toole, Donald Wolfit, ...

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