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Tom Verica

Tom Verica is an actor. He was born at Philadelphia - Pennsylvania, USA on May 13th 1964 and has the American nationality. He has been married once. Nowadays Tom Verica is married with Kira Arne (? - ...).

Tom Verica

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Movie Plot : The movie “Zodiac” tells the true story of a notorious serial killer, who raised hell in San Francisco in the seventies. This killer, who never has been caught, left strange clues and letters behind at the crime scene. This method and the fact that he never has been caught still give him a legendary status.

Genre : Crime - Drama - Thriller

Also starring : Adam Goldberg, Adam Trese, Anthony Edwards, Brian Cox, Chloë Sevigny, Clea DuVall, Dermot Mulroney, Donal Logue, Elias Koteas, Ione Skye, ...


Flags Of Our Fathers
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Flags Of Our Fathers FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : In February and March of 1945 the volcano island Iwo Jima near Japan was the centre of a battle between the United States and Japan, where in a month time 22,000 Japanese and 26,000 Americans died. The fight provided one of the most well known pictures of the Second World War: the photograph of six soldiers who hoist the American Flag on the Suribachi, the highest mountain of the island. One of those six was marine John Bradley (Ryan Phillippe). He never told this piece of heroism to his family and only after his dead in 1994, his son James (Thomas McCarthy) discovered this history.

Genre : Action - Drama - History - War

Also starring : Adam Beach, Barry Pepper, Jacob Pitts, Jamie Bell, Jayma Mays, Jesse Bradford, John Benjamin Hickey, Jon Polito, Judith Ivey, Ken Watanabe, ...


Red Dragon
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Movie Plot : The serial killer 'The Tooth Fairy' kills complete families. Reluctantly the retired expert Will Graham (Edward Norton) returns to the FBI to help them catch this perilous killer. Being at his wits’, he calls in the help of Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins), a psychopath who has been put behind bars by Will Graham himself. The only thing is that Hannibal is not very willing to help Graham in his search.

Genre : Crime - Drama - Thriller

Also starring : Alex D. Linz, Anthony Heald, Anthony Hopkins, Azura Skye, Bill Duke, Brenda Strong, Christopher Curry, Dwier Brown, Edward Norton, Emily Watson, ...


Murder By Numbers
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Murder By Numbers FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : A body without name. A murder without aim. Killers without scruples... it looks suspiciously much like the perfect murder, but it is an intellectual statement of two annoyed sons of rich people. But is their solid plan resistant against the shrewd spirit and the intuition of a brilliant policewoman signed by living? Sandra Bullock puts down her best performance of her career as Cassle Mayweather a homicide inspector. A woman who not only wrestles with demons from the past, but also with a murder case where nothing is what it seems. Will her investigators instinct gain the upper hand of the rigorous police procedures and on the arrogance of her challengers?

Genre : Crime - Thriller

Also starring : Adilah Barnes, Agnes Bruckner, Ben Chaplin, Brian Stepanek, Chris Penn, Christine Healy, Dennis Cockrum, Eric Saiet, Janni Brenn, Jim Jansen, ...


Lost In The Bermuda Triangle (Reunion: Journey Beyond The Bermuda Triangle)

Also starring : Charlotte d'Amboise, Christina Haag, Graham Beckel, Ron Canada, Tom Verica, Ellen Gollas, Esteban Moldovan, Geraldine Zinat, ...


Fathers' Day
Buy Fathers' Day at

Fathers' Day FULL REVIEW

Also starring : Billy Crystal, Bruce Greenwood, Charles Rocket, Christopher Jaymes, Dana Gould, Dennis Burkley, Harry Northup, Jared Harris, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Louis Lombardi, ...


The Assassination File (Out In The Cold)

Also starring : Sherilyn Fenn, Tom Verica, Dan Butler, ...


Not Our Son

Also starring : Neil Patrick Harris, Gerald McRaney, Tom Verica, ...


The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story (Seeds Of Deception)

Also starring : Melissa Gilbert, Shanna Reed, Tom Verica, ...


Eight Hundred Leagues Down The Amazon
Buy Eight Hundred Leagues Down The Amazon at

Eight Hundred Leagues Down The Amazon FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : An Ark as large as a house sails quietly down the Amazon River. Most of the passengers are in search of adventure. For Joam Garral, outlaw, this however is the only way to get back to Brazil. Besides the dangers, which slumber in the river, Garal has to deal with an even bigger danger. His secret past becomes public. A reckless premium hunter gets on track of him rapidly. Returning is impossible...

Genre : Action - Adventure

Also starring : Daphne Zuniga, Tom Verica, Barry Bostwick, Adam Baldwin, E.E. Bell, Daniel Camino, Rafael De Lucchi, Toshirô Konishi, David Killerby, David Cameron, ...


Die Hard 2
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Movie Plot : When agent John McClane (Bruce Willis) once again is in Washington for Christmas, he sees something strange on the airport. He intervenes and discovers that some heavy criminals are involved, but he doesn’t know what they are up to. When the police realize that he is right, it is already too late. Terrorists have taken over the airport and the planes in the air and in one of those planes sits John's wife. He tries to remain hidden, eliminate the terrorists and certainly not die easily, just like previous year.

Genre : Action - Thriller

Also starring : Art Evans, Bonnie Bedelia, Bruce Willis, Charles Lanyer, Colm Meaney, David Katz, Dennis Franz, Felicity Waterman, Franco Nero, Jeanne Bates, ...

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