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Tom Sierchio

Tom Sierchio is an actor.

Tom Sierchio

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Untamed Heart
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Untamed Heart FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Waitress Caroline (Marisa Tomei) has no lucky lovelife. When one evening she is almost raped by two men, she is saved by the strange and quiet Adam (Christian Slater) who also works at the same restaurant she does. Adam has a heart disease, and the nuns in the orphanage have deceived him in former days by telling him he has a baboon heart. Caroline of course is very grateful to Adam and gradually a deep band rises between the two.

Genre : Comedy - Drama - Romance

Also starring : Christian Slater, John Beasley, Joshua Schaefer, Kyle Secor, Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez, Steve Cochran, Tom Sierchio, Vincent Kartheiser, Willie Garson, ...


Delivery Boys

Also starring : Josh Marcano, Tom Sierchio, Jim Soriero, ...

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