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Tom Neyman

Tom Neyman is an actor. He was born at Cameron County - Texas, USA on November 23th 1935 and has the American nationality. He has been married 3 times. He was married with , Kay Elizabeth Wade (1977 - ?), Phyllis A. Steele (1973 - 1975), Jackey Reace Lumpkin (? - 1972). He is the proud father of two children.

Tom Neyman

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Manos The Hands Of Fate
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Manos The Hands Of Fate FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : A family on holiday in the desert gets lost and arrives at an old dark house that is managed by the creepy Torgo who looks after the house while The Master is gone. When the evening falls the family is endangered by The master and is women, a supernatural cult who worship the bad holiness Manos.

Genre : Action - Horror - Mystery - Romance - Thriller

Also starring : Hal Warren, John Reynolds, Tom Neyman, Bernie Rosenblum, Bettie Burns, Diane Mahree, Jackey Neyman, Jay Hall, Joyce Molleur, Mary-Robin Redd, ...

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