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Tom Chapin

Tom Chapin is an actor.

Tom Chapin

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The Manchurian Candidate
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The Manchurian Candidate FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : After Sgt. Raymond Shaw, son of the powerful senator Eleanor Shaw, returns from the golf war as a hero, the other members of his platoon in fact cannot remind what he has done for his military honors. Major Bennett Marco decides to investigate Sgt. Shaw's occupations. Which mysteries do the government and the army conceal?

Genre : Mystery - Science Fiction - Thriller

Also starring : Jeffrey Wright, Pablo Schreiber, Anthony Mackie, Dorian Missick, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Teddy Dunn, Joaquin Perez-Campbell, Tim Artz, Denzel Washington, Robyn Hitchcock, ...


Blue Water, White Death (Man-Eater)
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Also starring : Phil Clarkson, Ron Taylor, Stuart Cody, Tom Chapin, Valerie Taylor, James Lipscomb, Peter Gimbel, Peter Lake, Peter Matthiessen, Rodney Fox, ...


Lord Of The Flies (1963)

Also starring : James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards, ...

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