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Patricia De Leon

Patricia De Leon is an actress.

Patricia De Leon

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Blue Lake Massacre

Also starring : Michael Paloma, Patricia De Leon, Burt Young, ...


How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer

How The Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : It all starts when grandmother Doña Genoveva (Lucy Gallardo) decides to buy a car. She doesn’t have a driver license, but her gardener Pedro (Jorge Cervera) helps her with driving lessons. The two spend a lot of time with each other and in the small village this is something to talk about, this to big dissatisfaction of Genoveva's daughter. She lives separated and because of this she tries to do her best to live according to the social conventions, until the married macho Victor starts making approaches and wakes up her sexual feelings again. Granddaughter Blanca (America Ferrera) and her friends are hanging around on the street. Their only recreation is an incidental ride in a pick-up truck of one of the boys.

Genre : Comedy - Drama

Also starring : America Ferrera, Eliana Alexander, Elizabeth Peña, Leo Minaya, Patricia De Leon, Ruben Moreno, Steven Bauer, Alberto Montero, Alek Carrera, Alyssa Diaz, ...


The Master Of Disguise
Buy The Master Of Disguise at

The Master Of Disguise FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Pistachio Disguisy (Dana Carvey), a pleasant Italian waiter, doesn’t understand why each time he wants to do what his customers do, and why he wants to change his appearance all the time. What he doesn’t know however is that this is an old family secret: he descends from a long row of disguise artists. Pistachio’s father becomes kidnapped by arch-enemy Devlin Bowman (Brent Spiner)who made it his job to steal the most expensive treasures on the planet. When Pistachio slowly gets his talent under control he goes in search for Bowman to save his parents.

Genre : Comedy - Family

Also starring : Andrea Bogart, Bo Derek, Brent Spiner, Cole Sprouse, Dana Carvey, Dylan Sprouse, Erick Avari, Harold Gould, James Brolin, Jennifer Esposito, ...

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