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Nacha Guevara

Nacha Guevara is an actress. She is born on 03/10/1940. She was born in Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires in the country Argentina. Nacha Guevara has the Argentinian nationality. She uses the name Nacha Guevara as an artist name, but was born under the name of Clotilde Acosta.

Nacha Guevara

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El Lado Oscuro Del Corazón 2

Also starring : Darío Grandinetti, Ariadna Gil, Nacha Guevara, ...


The Dark Side Of The Heart (El Lado Oscuro Del Corazón)

Also starring : Darío Grandinetti, Sandra Ballesteros, Nacha Guevara, ...


Miss Mary

Also starring : Eduardo Pavolvsky, Guillermo Battaglia, Julie Christie, Nacha Guevara, Alberto Busaid, Alberto Marty, Alfredo Quesada, Anita Larronde, Anne Henry, Barbara Bunge, ...

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