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Juan Diego Botto

Juan Diego Botto is an actor. He is born on 29/08/1975. He was born in Buenos Aires in the country Argentina. Juan Diego Botto has the Argentinian nationality. He uses the name Juan Diego Botto as an artist name, but was born under the name of Huan Diego Botto Rota.

Juan Diego Botto

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Bordertown (2006)
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Bordertown (2006) FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Lauren (Jennifer Lopez) is an American journalist for the newspaper Chicago Sentinel. She goes to Juarez, a city near the Mexican border, to investigate a number of murders on young female workers. When she discovers that there are hundreds of victims, she wins the trust of the local factory workers, but nevertheless gets in danger.

Genre : Crime - Drama - Thriller

Also starring : Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Lopez, Juan Diego Botto, Julio Cedillo, Kate del Castillo, Martin Sheen, Randall Batinkoff, Rene Rivera, Sonia Braga, Brandon Smith, ...



Also starring : Pilar López de Ayala, Juan Diego Botto, Bárbara Lennie, ...


The Life Awaiting For You

Also starring : Juan Diego, Marta Etura, Luis Tosar, ...


Torremolinos 73

Also starring : Javier Cámara, Candela Peña, Juan Diego, Malena Alterio, Fernando Tejero, Mads Mikkelsen, Ramón Barea, Thomas Bo Larsen, Nuria González, Mariví Bilbao, ...


The Dancer Upstairs
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The Dancer Upstairs FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Agustin Rejas is an idealistic ex-lawyer whose feeling for justice made him decides to become a policeman. His bosses give him the task to lead a team that has to trace a charismatic Marxist terrorist leader. His search already lasts for more than 12 years and eventually leads him to a dancing teacher Yolanda, a meeting that will change his life. Rejas is married and therefore must keep his feelings for Yolanda for himself. This is asking more and more of him, but gives him the strength to continue his search.

Genre : Crime - Drama - Thriller

Also starring : Javier Bardem, Juan Diego Botto, Laura Morante, Elvira Mínguez, Alexandra Lencastre, Oliver Cotton, Luís Miguel Cintra, Javier Manrique, Abel Folk, Marie-Anne Berganza, ...


1492 : Conquest Of Paradise
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1492 : Conquest Of Paradise FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : From his childhood on Christopher Columbus (Gérard Depardieu) had a dream to cross the ocean and discover new worlds. He is planning for years and in 1491 he gets permission of the Spanish Count Sanchez (Armand Assante) to start a journey with a few ships to discover new worlds and bring back valuables.

Genre : Adventure - Drama

Also starring : Armand Assante, Arnold Vosloo, Ángela Molina, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Fernando Rey, Frank Langella, Gérard Depardieu, Jack Taylor, Juan Diego Botto, Kevin Dunn, ...

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