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James Lew

James Lew is an actor. He was born James Jene Fae Lew at Escalon - California, USA on September 6th 1952 and has the American nationality.

James Lew

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Taken By Force

Also starring : Jeff Osterhage, Miranda Kwok, James Lew, ...


18 Fingers Of Death

Also starring : James Lew, Maurice Patton, Lisa Arturo, ...


Never Say Die
Buy Never Say Die at

Also starring : Cynthia Rothrock, Dan Lauria, Don Harvey, James Lew, Jeff Moldovan, Jeff Wincott, Petra Wright, Seamus Dever, Stephen Macht, Alexis Garcia, ...


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Movie Plot : Robert Wakefield (Michael Douglas) just has been appointed as the head of the narcotic department. But he doesn’t know that his daughter is experimenting with drugs. It doesn’t take long before she is addicted and gets herself in problems. Just across the border in Mexico, the honest inspector Javier Rodriguez (Benicio Del Toro) faces the impossible task to do his job whereas his colleagues continuously accept bribes. And then there is still housewife Helena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who discovered that her husband is a drug trafficker.

Genre : Crime - Drama - Thriller

Also starring : Albert Finney, Amy Irving, Andrew Chavez, Benicio Del Toro, Benjamin Bratt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Clifton Collins Jr., D.W. Moffett, Dennis Quaid, Don Cheadle, ...


The Replacement Killers
Buy The Replacement Killers at

The Replacement Killers FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Assassin John Lee (Yun-Fat Chow) has debts at drug dealer Mr. Wei (Kenneth Tsang). When Wei's adult son is killed by the police during a raid, he orders Lee to kill the 7-year-old son of the officer. Lee can’t find it in his heart to do the job, and knows that Wei will punish him by going after his mother and sister in Shanghai. To be earlier in Shanghai, Lee needs to have a fake passport, for which he goes to Meg Coburn (Mira Sorvino).

Genre : Action - Crime - Thriller

Also starring : Carlos Gómez, Carlos Leon, Christopher Doyle, Clifton Collins Jr., Danny Trejo, James Lew, Jürgen Prochnow, Leo Lee, Michael Rooker, Mira Sorvino, ...


Lethal Weapon 4
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Lethal Weapon 4 FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : The inspectors Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) and Lorna Cole (Rene Russo) are back, together with the hyperactive Leo Getz (Joe Pesci). The four this time are assisted by assistant inspector Lee Butters in their investigation into the frontier-running which is organised by an Asian crime organisation. They rapidly are faced with Wan Sing Ku, the hard man in the organisation. Then pretty fast, it appears that rounding up this Chinese mafia-gang could be a heavy, deadly job for Riggs and Murtaugh.

Genre : Action - Comedy - Crime - Thriller

Also starring : Al Sapienza, Benjamin King, Chris Rock, Danny Glover, Jack Kehler, James Lew, Jet Li, Joe Pesci, Joyce Ingalls, Mel Gibson, ...


The Girl Gets Moe (Love To Kill)
Buy The Girl Gets Moe (Love To Kill) at

Also starring : Amy Locane, Christine Harnos, Christopher Doyle, Elizabeth Barondes, Emily Procter, Glen Chin, James Lew, James Russo, Louise Fletcher, Michael Madsen, ...


Balance Of Power

Also starring : Billy Blanks, Mako, James Lew, ...


The Immortals
Buy The Immortals at

Also starring : Chris Rock, Clarence Williams III, Eric Roberts, Greg Paik, James Lew, Joe Pantoliano, Kevin Bernhardt, Kieran Mulroney, Louis Lombardi, Michael Paul Chan, ...


Buy Timecop at


Movie Plot : In the near future it is possible to travel through time, what offers new possibilities for criminals. The government establishes a special police unit to ensure that new technology is not abused. Maximum Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme), one of those timecops, discovers that a corrupt politician uses time travel to increase his chances for presidentship.

Genre : Action - Science Fiction - Thriller

Also starring : Bruce McGill, Callum Keith Rennie, Duncan Fraser, Gabrielle Rose, Gloria Reuben, James Lew, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kenneth Welsh, Kevin McNulty, Malcolm Stewart, ...


The Shadow
Buy The Shadow at


Movie Plot : Lamont Creston (Alec Baldwin) is a playboy and millionaire who fight against crime. Creston has learned in the Far East how he can cloud the human mind of others and how he can make himself, except his shade, invisibly. In this film The Shadow fights against Shiwan Khan (John Lone), the last descendant of the notorious Genghis Khan, who is resolved to subject humanity to his dominion. Thereby Shiwan shuns absolutely no means to reach his goal.

Genre : Action - Adventure - Fantasy - Horror - Mystery

Also starring : Abraham Benrubi, Alec Baldwin, Andre Gregory, Bruce Locke, Ethan Phillips, Frank Welker, Garret Sato, Gerald Okamura, Ian McKellen, James Hong, ...


American Ninja V
Buy American Ninja V at

Also starring : Aharon Ipalé, Anne Dupont, David Bradley, James Lew, Norman Burton, Pat Morita, Tadashi Yamashita, Alfredo Sandoval, Carlos Ruiz, Clement vonFranckenstein, ...


Private Wars

Also starring : Michael Champion, Holly Floria, James Lew, ...


Hot Shots! Part Deux
Buy Hot Shots! Part Deux at

Hot Shots! Part Deux FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : After all adventures in Hot Shots Topper Harley (Sheen) has withdrawn himself at a convent to work as a handyman. He is asked for a secret mission where he has to rescue the rescue team that was going to rescue the rescue team that had to rescue the prisoners of Golf War. With a big wink to among other things Rambo and Commando Topper accepts the challenge, helped by the president, who has a screw loose.

Genre : Action - Comedy - War

Also starring : Charlie Sheen, Lloyd Bridges, Valeria Golino, Richard Crenna, Brenda Bakke, Miguel Ferrer, Rowan Atkinson, Jerry Haleva, David Wohl, Mitch Ryan, ...


Undercover Blues
Buy Undercover Blues at

Undercover Blues FULL REVIEW

Also starring : Dakin Matthews, Dave Chappelle, Dennis Lipscomb, Dennis Quaid, Fiona Shaw, James Lew, Jan Triska, Jenifer Lewis, Julius LeFlore, Kathleen Turner, ...


Mission Of Justice

Also starring : Brigitte Nielsen, Christopher Kriesa, Cyndi Pass, James Lew, Jeff Wincott, Luca Bercovici, Matthias Hues, Philip Tan, Tony Burton, Adrian Ricard, ...



Also starring : John Saxon, James Lew, Elizabeth Kaitan, ...


Best Of The Best
Buy Best Of The Best at

Also starring : Adrienne Sachs, Cal Bartlett, Chris Penn, Edan Gross, Eric Roberts, James Earl Jones, James Lew, John Dye, John P. Ryan, Kane Hodder, ...


Action Jackson
Buy Action Jackson at

Also starring : Bill Duke, Bob Minor, Carl Weathers, Craig T. Nelson, Ed O'Ross, Ivor Barry, James Lew, Jim Haynie, Melissa Prophet, Michael McManus, ...


Big Trouble In Little China
Buy Big Trouble In Little China at

Big Trouble In Little China FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is a tough lorry driver, who helps his friend Wang (Dennis Dun) to get back his girlfriend. He arrives in Chinatown, but to his big surprise, some strange things happen over there. He and Wang must fight their way past supernatural warriors to defeat Lo Pan (James Hong), who wants to offer Wang’s girlfriend to recover his mortality.

Genre : Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy

Also starring : Carter Wong, Dan Inosanto, Dennis Dun, Gerald Okamura, James Hong, James Lew, Jerry Hardin, Kate Burton, Kim Cattrall, Kurt Russell, ...


Los Angeles Streetfighter (Ninja Turf)

Also starring : Jun Chong, Phillip Rhee, James Lew, ...

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