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Heidi Schanz

Heidi Schanz is an actress. She was born in USA and has the American nationality.

Heidi Schanz

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Universal Soldier: The Return
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Also starring : Bill Goldberg, Daniel von Bargen, Heidi Schanz, James Black, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Josh Berry, Justin Lazard, Michael Jai White, Woody Watson, Xander Berkeley, ...


Shame, Shame, Shame

Also starring : Costas Mandylor, Heidi Schanz, Valerie Perrine, ...


The Truman Show
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The Truman Show FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) leads a perfect life: a good job, a loving wife and a good friend. Slowly Truman finds out that his life is a bit too perfect: he discovers that he is the centre of the successful TV-program ‘The Truman show’. For his complete life, Truman is living in an enormous TV-studio, where a village has been reconstructed, and all his friends are actors.

Genre : Comedy - Drama

Also starring : Don Taylor, Ed Harris, Heidi Schanz, Holland Taylor, Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Marcia DeBonis, Natascha McElhone, Noah Emmerich, Paul Giamatti, ...


Kiss The Girls
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Kiss The Girls FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Alex Cross, police inspector and Doctor of Psychology in Washington, is told that his niece, who studies laws in North Carolina, has disappeared and probably is kidnapped. He hurries himself to Durham to take part in the in the search action. Far outside his territory and to big rancor of the local investigators, he starts his own investigation. Thanks to his extraordinary deduction capability, he discovers that there actually are eight girls missing and that one of them just was found dead. She was violated and tied up to a tree in the forest surrounding Durham. Cross notices that he has to deal with a so-called 'collector' of extraordinary, just as nice as intelligent, little girls…

Genre : Crime - Mystery - Thriller

Also starring : Alex McArthur, Ashley Judd, Bill Nunn, Billy Blanks, Brian Cox, Cary Elwes, Dan Cashman, Deborah Strang, Gina Ravera, Heidi Schanz, ...


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Virtuosity FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Parker Barnes (Denzel Washington) is a former police officer and sit out a 17 years sentence because of killing Matthew Grimes (Christopher Murray); the killer of his wife and child. He and his fellow prisoner John Donovan (Costas Mandylor) are used as guinea pigs by the government to test a virtual reality system which will be used as the training centre for policemen of Los Angeles. During a virtual reality session the two go in search for SID 6.7, a by the computer created character which is a composition of 183 characters of the world most famous and most dangerous serial killers. There is something strange going on with the system however and the program of SID 6.7 (Russell Crowe) seems to have has changed. SID knows to escape the virtual reality world during one of the experiments and enters the real world as an android. Nothing or nobody seems to be able to stop the silicone man because as soon as he gets into contact with glass he repairs all his injuries.

Genre : Action - Science Fiction - Thriller

Also starring : Alanna Ubach, Allen Scotti, Costas Mandylor, Daniel Anderson, Danny Goldring, Denzel Washington, Dustin Nguyen, Frank Welker, Heidi Schanz, Kaley Cuoco, ...


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Movie Plot : The New York police officer William Somerset still has days seven of service before he retires. The time, which still rests him, he spends on training his successor David Mills until they are called for a rather unusual murder. In the next, undermining days the murders continue requiring victims. For Somerset, a well-read man, it starts getting clear...

Genre : Crime - Drama - Mystery - Thriller

Also starring : Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey, R. Lee Ermey, Andrew Kevin Walker, Daniel Zacapa, John Cassini, Bob Mack, Peter Crombie, ...

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