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Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estefan is an actress. She is born on 01/09/1957. She was born in Havana in the country Cuba. Gloria Estefan has the Cuban nationality. She uses the name Gloria Estefan as an artist name, but was born under the name of Gloria Maria Milagrosa Fajardo. At this time Gloria Estefan is married with Emilio Estefan Jr. (1978 - ...). She has two children.

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Gloria Estefan

© Scherley Bush
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Music Of The Heart

Music Of The Heart FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : After the divorce of her husband, Roberta (Meryl Streep) leaves to one of America's roughest neighborhoods: Harlem in New York. There she wants to do something with her biggest passion (the violin) and she offers her services to a school in the district. At first, everyone is skeptical about her plans, but Roberta give violin lessons with that much passion, that her students make spectacular progresses. In spite of her success, the school cut of funds after 10 years. Using her friends and the occupants of Harlem, she fights back.

Genre : Biography - Drama - Music

Also starring : Aidan Quinn, Angela Bassett, Cloris Leachman, Gloria Estefan, Jay O. Sanders, Jean-Luke Figueroa, Kieran Culkin, Meryl Streep, Michael Angarano, Adam LeFevre, ...

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