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Georges Moustaki

Georges Moustaki is an actor. He was born Giuseppe Mustacchi at Alexandria - Al Iskandarïyah, Egypt on May 3th 1934 and has the Egyptian nationality.

Georges Moustaki

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Les Hommes De Piaf

Also starring : Edith Piaff, Charles Aznavour, Georges Moustaki, ...


The Count Of Monte Cristo (1998)
Buy The Count Of Monte Cristo (1998) at

The Count Of Monte Cristo (1998) FULL REVIEW

Movie Plot : Some men who are jealous on his luck have falsely accused Edmond Dantes. He is condemned to life imprisonment and is locked up in the prison on the island Chateau d'If. He gets acquainted with a fellow prisoner, the certified crazy abbot Faria. He tells him about an immense treasure, which lies hidden somewhere on a small island. He gives the position of the island to Edmond. When the abbot dies, Edmond takes the place of the dead body in the body bag and is thrown into the sea. He frees himself and swims to shore. According to the indications he finds the small island and the treasure. Edmond now is terribly rich and changes his identity in the Count of Monte Cristo. He makes his call at the high society and wins their faith. He however has only one aim: revenge.

Genre : Adventure - Drama - Romance

Also starring : Gérard Depardieu, Ornella Muti, Jean Rochefort, Pierre Arditi, Florence Darel, Christopher Thompson, Stanislas Merhar, Julie Depardieu, Hélène Vincent, Michel Aumont, ...


Beggars And Proud Ones (Mendiants Et Orgueilleux)

Also starring : Gabriele Ferzetti, Georges Moustaki, Gérard Falconetti, Anissa Lofti, Boudjema Bouhada, Nadia Samir, ...

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